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About us

As a registered association, we are working to promote the automotive aftermarket sector.

Our main objectives are to attract and retain talents of all ages in the automotive aftermarket.

Our mission is to develop, test and disseminate effective solutions to meet local and global needs.

Our approach has been developed thanks to the experiences and skills of our members.

We are supporting the

The aftermarket, an inspiring place for exceptional professionals

  • Multidimensional all inclusive business sector
  • Huge variety of attractive companies & organizations
  • Sustainable and social for the real world

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We need all kinds of talents

Future business managers, passionate technicians or avid car fans, there is a place for all types of talents in the automotive aftermarket!

Diversity, equity and inclusion are part of our DNA.



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The Automotive Aftermarket: Definition

•The Automotive Aftermarket is a business sector centered around the servicing and maintenance of vehicles after their production and initial sale. It includes the manufacturing, remanufacturing, distribution, retailing, repairing, maintaining and installing of all vehicle parts, chemicals, equipment, and accessories, and the provision of these respective services to private, corporate or public users. It covers the entire lifecycle of the vehicle after its production.

•The Aftermarket provides the means of keeping vehicles on the road by granting individual or professional vehicle owners the possibility and the choice of servicing, maintaining, or customizing their vehicles in car manufacturers networks, independent chains or local workshops.

•The Aftermarket sector safeguards mobility in a safe, clean, affordable, sustainable and accessible way ensuring indispensable services for the individuals, society and the economy overall. It actively participates in sustainable development as repairing is more eco-friendly than replacing. •The Automotive Aftermarket is composed of spare parts manufacturers, garage and test equipment manufacturers, data and information suppliers, repair and service garages, vehicle body shops, as well as distributors of automotive parts, services and components.

•With the evolution of vehicle technology and mobility, the aftermarket becomes more connected and more sustainable, requiring more diverse talents and specialists.

Our members

Our members are manufacturers, parts distributors, workshop networks, professional or educational organizations linked by the same goal: to promote the automotive aftermarket

International trading groups

Parts manufacturers

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Professional organizations


Educational institutions


Riadh Abdelkefi
Misfat Filtration

" Wherever we distribute our products around the world, there is always a lack of qualified staff. We are glad to be part of this great initiative."

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Kai Ballsieper
Global One Automotive

" As an ITG, we recognize that the future of the Automotive Aftermarket is a business for people. Our mission is to inspire young talents and unveil the diverse opportunities within this dynamic and high-tech market. Aftermarket offers a robust and secure career path filled with innovation and growth. We totally support the Talents4AA initiative as it empowers us to tackle this challenge together. "

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Johnny Bräster
SBF, Sveriges Bildelsgrossisters Förening

“The Nordic automotive aftermarket really needs new talents of all kinds of professions, they are all welcome.”

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Maria Elo
University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
"Nurturing and developing talent is a co-created activity stretching across academia, society, business and governance. The future of mobility and the whole automotive aftermarket ecosystem depends on the availability and quality of talents. We all need to rethink how to contribute to the grand challenges ahead fostering inclusive and sustainable talent development."
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Gaël Escribe
Nexus Automotive International • Treasurer Talents4AA

“In a context of fast transformation of the automotive aftermarket towards a larger Mobility ecosystem, the search for talents becomes mission critical. Nothing better than a collaborative initiative such as Talents4AA to cope with the challenge ahead of us.”

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Warren Espinoza
ATR International

“Given the fast-evolving nature of the Automotive Aftermarket, attracting top talents is crucial for our sustainable future.”

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Thomas Fischer

“AAMPACT and its member companies actively support the important Talents4AA initiative to attract qualified young professionals to the automotive aftermarket and its many interesting fields of activity.”

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Stéphane Freitas
Nexus Automotive International • General Secretary Talents4AA

“It is our responsibility to explain to young talents the richness of our industry.”

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Miklós Gerendai

“The complexity of the automotive aftermarket is continuously increasing. Complex tasks require flexible and agile people.”

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Guillaume Granier
GROUPAUTO International

From my experiences both in Europe and Africa, talents are crucial in Automotive Aftermarket. While our industry will continue to face over the next years many changes; attracting, coaching, developing, and retaining talents will be key to keep on providing best knowledge and service to customers.”

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Sebastian Hoff
IKA Germany

“Ensuring individual mobility is crucial to society, yet for young talents, IAM presents extensive opportunities for personal and professional growth. As a globally established family business, we're dedicated to fostering these exciting prospects.”

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Jan Hollmann

“As a European team of "movers" we are shaping a new era of mobility – thinking European, and acting locally. So let’s move #LikeABosch, drive the market and seize future opportunities for creating Mobility Aftermarket solutions – together with a perfect match of talented professionals."

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Christophe Idelon

“Introducing new technologies and changing driving habits to meet our environmental challenges… the automotive aftermarket is heavily moving. Talent acquisition is key for the future:  young talents shape your future, actively contribute to sustainability and join us to work for this exciting mobility sector.”

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Damien Jeanney
AMERIGO International

“We are proud to be part of an organization that shares our vision and wants to put the automotive industry at the forefront.”

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Franck Jolly
Wolf Oil
“We are actively seeking young, talented individuals in various domains, with a particular focus on product R&D, supply chain, sales, and marketing. Our aim is to keep up with the rapid developments in the automotive industry and support our fast-moving international aftermarket developments.”
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Christina Jørgensen
"In the Dinex Group we deliver spare parts for truck and buses and our aim is to attract talents, mechanics and young professionals across culture, diversity and countries to all levels of the heavy-duty industry in order to create awareness of this important tasks for the future; create clean air through emission control."
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Fotios Katsardis
TEMOT International • Chairman of the Board Talents4AA

We are inviting all the industry players to join forces with us: We need to be all of us together in this noble deed, nobody should be missing out.”

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Ingo Lindner

“The first automobile was built 138 years ago - today there are over 1.6 billion cars on the planet. A success story that is far from over and provides millions of people with work and wages. An incredible opportunity for creative and innovative young talents who want to play an active role in shaping the future.”

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Bo Marcusson
“Being able to attract professionals and new young talents is a prerequisite for development, and in the long run even survival, of any organization. This is without any doubt also the case for the entire Automotive Aftermarket. The Aftermarket offers so many interesting opportunities as it is really driving many industry trends for the immediate and long-term future. It is the place to work for ambitious and future minded talents.”
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Damien Martin

“The Independent Automotive Aftermarket will be focused on new mobility, new ecosystems, new technologies. But the most important asset of the aftermarket will be its new talents. Let’s join our forces to attract and fidelize the new generation of technicians and marketers of the aftermarket.”

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Patrick Mau

“There is probably no place evolving as fast as the aftermarket. Our industry depends of fresh mindsets, new talents and leaders of tomorrow.”

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Stefanie Möwe-Jarren
“We need to show young talents how diverse and colourful our industry can be.”
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Kai Guijo Müller

“Our mission is to open the doors of the automotive aftermarket for young talents at all levels.”

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Klavs Thulstrup Pedersen

“I have dedicated my heart and mind to the aftermarket, and the ongoing market development continues to offer a great mix of challenges and learnings. The next generation of aftermarket professionals will be taking the lead in driving more change – through technology, digitalization and logistics transformation.” 

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Nicole Puschmann
Bilstein group
"Our motivation is to raise the awareness of the aftermarket and, above all, to highlight its attractiveness for exciting career opportunities at all levels."
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Robert Stevens
GROUPAUTO International

"The Automotive Aftermarket is facing very real challenges now and in the future. Talents4AA can be part of the solution to attract the workforce we need now, and to develop the talents our workforce will need for the future."

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Manuel Van Royen
AD International

“The aftermarket is a people’s business. As an ITG we believe it is our role to make young talent aware of the opportunities offered by this dynamic, highly technical and essential playing field which is the automotive aftermarket. It is part of our mission to guide the aftermarket on its path to sustainability.” 

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Rolf Sudmann

"Aftermarket business is people business. We need the best and most dedicated talents for the challenges of the coming years in order to successfully shape this extremely exciting business across all distribution levels."

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Clément De Valon
TMD Friction

“We need the best talents to contribute to our world’s sustainable mobility development for the next generations.”

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Markus Wittig
ZF Aftermarket

The diversity of the aftermarket makes it an exciting place to be to shape the future of mobility.”

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