TALENTS4AA promoted during online and hybrid NOS workshops organised by Danish, Swedish and Finnish universities 

The TALENTS4AA initiative was promoted through a series of online and hybrid workshops funded by the Nordic Research Council (https://www.norden.org/en/funding-opportunities/nordic-research-councils-humanities-and-social-sciences-nos-hs) and organised by the University of Southern Denmark, Linnæus University, and Åbo Akademi University in the topic of ‘migrant talent-in-use’.

The workshops allowed students and academics to learn about the automotive aftermarket and also included special Meet the talent sessions where company representatives from the industry could meet virtually and chat with local and international students and young talent from Denmark and Germany.

The TALENTS4AA sessions hosted 16 AA participants overall, such as Bosch, Valeo, Schaeffler, TEMOT International, Nexus and others, who presented their views on talent attraction and development.

The events organized by prof. Maria Elo, SDU, attracted over 2600 views, resulted in a range of direct contacts, one media article and one professional HR-article, as well as increased interest towards the AA from students.

Fotios Katsardis, President of TEMOT International Autoparts GmbH, presenting during the TALENTS4AA sessions at the SDU, Odense and Åbo Akademi University, Finland NOS workshops.