International Migrants Day – December 18th

December 18th is the International Migrants Day, as mandated by the UN.

On this day, we applaud companies who offer migrants and displaced people the opportunity not only to survive in a foreign country, but also grow and utilise their skills and knowledge. Migrants bring diversity and versatile capabilities to organisations. We cherish migrant talent, resilience and their contribution to the host economies.

Read more about the facts, figures and recent developments here and here.

War in Ukraine

Migration has many dimensions, and the Talents4AA community employs and develops migrant talent, so we collected a number of stories directly from the affected people affected who were forced to migrate and leave their prior lives behind due to the war in Ukraine.

Forced migration: short stories from Ukrainians in Poland


Alona left Ukraine shortly after the war started and found new opportunities at an Automotive Aftermarket company in Poland.


Hanna also found a professional opportunity in the Automotive Aftermarket after having to leave Ukraine.


Ekaterina was living in Kharkiv before she had to leave with her son to Poland, where she could quickly find a place to live and was hired by a company in the Automotive Aftermarket.


Julia left Ukraine with her son and found a place to live in Poland, where she is now working as a storekeeper at an automotive aftermarket company.