Meet Bo Marcusson, our Ambassador from NRF!

We had the chance to have a short Q&A session with Bo Marcusson, our Talents4AA Ambassador from NRF, who is a Swedish long timer with 30 years of experience in the Automotive Aftermarket.

Bo Marcusson, ITG Manager at NRF

How would you describe the Aftermarket to someone who has never heard of this industry?

“Moving the world” – making sure that the correct spare part, adequate service and value-adding accessories are available at different price levels for passenger and freight vehicles in time at the workshop or the shop counter. An ecosystem of manufacturers, distributors and local dealers and workshops.

How did you become aware of, and why did you choose the Aftermarket to work in?

Coincidences and an interest in motor vehicles.

How would you describe, and what do you fancy most about your job?

I am an ITG Manager at NRF from the Netherlands, who is active in all continents. As a specialist in the Aftermarket business, it has been very successful and is growing very quickly and therefore continuously offers many opportunities to specialists in engineering, logistics and sales, as well as all type of support functions as HR, IT, Finance etc.

My role involves coordinating the company’s interactions on all levels and in all areas with the so called International Trading Groups, which englobe >80% of all distributors. I especially enjoy the conviviality and family spirit in our industry.

Why should somebody join this industry in your opinion?

One of the biggest industries in the world is going through massive changes with electrification, connected and autonomous cars. This offers many innovative and developing opportunities for professionals in all different disciplines.

About NRF

For almost 100 years NRF has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of cooling products and solutions for the automotive aftermarket, marine, railway and industrial sectors. NRF was originally known for manufacturing radiators, but today it supplies a wide range of more than 11.000 engine cooling and climate control parts. And now, NRF has gone beyond cooling with the latest introduction of sensors. In our large development and testing facilities, we constantly ensure that you receive the highest quality products.

Due to our strategically located warehouses and customer service centers, we are a global aftermarket player, but a local partner. You can expect a high level of service from us and we speak your language. Every day, NRF products go to customers in more than 80 countries worldwide.