Talents4AA joins forces with A.T.Z.!

Our team is happy to support this great initiative through our long-standing expertise in digital marketing and years of experience and successful partnership with all our partners!
It was a great, productive meeting about the very important project TALENTS4AA at our headquarters in Düsseldorf!
Thank you, Irina Lebedeva and Gyula Kimpán for the creative kick-off, inspiring flow of ideas and constructive proposals on how to define and support social media strategy of Talents4AA initiative on all relevant digital channels.

Website rework and social media enhancement

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ATZ, a distinguished marketing agency renowned for its expertise in website development and social media. This collaboration signifies a major milestone for our initiative, as ATZ is set to play a crucial role in revamping our website and elevating our social media presence.

With their wealth of experience and innovative approach, we have full confidence that ATZ will propel our online presence to new heights. Anticipate a user-friendly website that authentically embodies our vision. Beyond that, their social media strategies promise to be a game-changer, enabling us to expand our reach, promote the Automotive Aftermarket industry, and fortify connections with our cherished audience.

In tandem with ATZ, we stand prepared to achieve heightened success and make a lasting impact in our field.

Who is A.T.Z.?

A.T.Z is a service and marketing agency for businesses in German-speaking countries. Their comprehensive product and service portfolio includes professional consulting in all entrepreneurial issues, as well as concrete solutions in the field of marketing, advertising, press relations, employee & new customer acquisition.

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